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Guardian of sports heritage

Razstava varuh športne dediščine na Krakovskem nasipu v Ljubljani 2023
Exhibition oppening Safeguarding Sports Heritage 2023. Photo MŠ

As the central sports museum in Slovenia, the Sports Museum provides a public service by collecting, organising, preserving, studying, keeping, understanding, interpreting, and thoroughly presenting the Slovenian sports heritage. It encourages its visitors and the public to preserve and protect the sports heritage by giving advice on how to preserve it themselves or by donating materials and objects to the Museum.

If you keep an object or photo commemorating Slovenian sporting achievements, write to us at or call +386 1 431 8340. Our curators will be happy to select suitable items for the Museum’s collection.

Joining forces to look after our sports heritage

Many of us keep sports objects that are valuable to us and that we wish to preserve for future generations. Thanks to you, some of these objects will become part of the collections of the Sports Museum, where our conservation-restoration team will look after their material existence. For other objects in private or institutional ownership, it is their owners or custodians who have the privilege of ensuring their longevity through preventive measures. What can anyone who owns a sporting object do to prevent injuries and slow deterioration? In this section, we will give you some tips for preventive care. We will start by looking at what to look out for when storing, handling, and moving such objects. We invite you to follow our monthly tips. But first, we invite you to follow some profiles that will reveal the full scope of work of conservators-restorers.

Conservation of Cultural Heritage @britishmuseum
CCAHA (@conservationcenter)
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Conversation Conservation (@conversationconservation)

Prizor iz konserviranja papirnega nosilca
Paper dry cleaning, Photo MŠ

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