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Permanent exhibition

Collecting, researching, reviving. Sports heritage and the Sports Museum

Today, sport is deeply embedded in our everyday lives; therefore, its rich history and influence, which extend into many other areas, are ever-present in our consciousness and surroundings. The exhibition Collecting, researching, reviving: Sports heritage and the Sports Museum showcases the development of many disciplines, such as gymnastics, cycling, athletics, water sports, skating, skiing, mountaineering, and climbing, and ball games.

Museum objects and materials present the activities of the Sports Museum to date, thus succinctly illustrating the breadth of Slovenia’s rich sporting heritage. On display are a variety of objects and photographs of prominent Slovenian athletes and organisations that have marked the sporting tradition, such as Stanko Bloudek’s competition discus, Rok Petrovic’s Small Crystal Globe won in 1985/86, which is considered to be the first globe won by a Slovenian, and Rajmond Debevec’s shooting attire, in which he won a gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Exhibition authors

Author of the exhibition: Aleš Šafarič
Professional assistant: Tomaž Pavlin
Support: Slavojka Kukovec
Exhibition design and layout: Marjan Javoršek, Matjaž Kavar
Conservation and restoration of objects: Franci Kadivec
Proofreading and translation: Aleš Lampe
Pedagogical activities: Mateja Pušnik
Print: Raora, d.o.o.

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